Service Description

Escrow Services

At Uprising Investments, LLC, we offer a variety of Escrow services in Texas and New Mexico. If you are interested in having your loan portfolio serviced for your customers, we would be happy to speak to you today! We pride ourselves in our customer service with our lenders and borrowers and specialize in the services below.

  • Collecting payments on Borrower Accounts.
  • Payments are deposited as the day they are received.  On the 4th business day, the Investor will receive their distribution of principle and interest.
  • Paying Taxes and Insurance Premiums Annually to 3rd Parties.
  • Maintain detailed Insurance claim information on Borrower Accounts.
  • Accurate payment and history records of Borrower Accounts.
  • Collection calls made and collection letters mailed on delinquent accounts weekly.
  • Demand Letters sent on severely delinquent accounts and coordination with Attorney if it goes to Foreclosure.
  • Annual Escrow Analysis and Payment Coupons mailed to the Borrower.
  • Reporting mortgage interest to the IRS.
  • Payoff and Verification of Mortgages sent upon request.
  • Any other Escrow Services not listed can be requested.
  • Handling accounts in bankruptcy.