Lender Login and FAQ

Please click the link below to access your account online.  If you need your login information, please contact our office at 915-444-5818.



1.       Who sends the 1098 Interest Statement to the Borrowers?

Uprising Investments sends the 1098 Interest Statement to the Borrower each January for the previous years’ interest paid.

2.       When will I receive payments from my borrowers?

Uprising Investments receives a payment, waits 3 business days to ensure that the payment clears, then the money is batched for payment to the investors on the 4th business day.  Investors will see the money in their account on the 5th business day.  This will be paid either electronically to your bank account or by check mailed by USPS.

3.       How am I notified of payments from my borrowers?

For electronic payments, Investors will receive an email of the distribution of payment that will be received the next day.  For check payments, there is no email notification and the distribution breakdown will be on the check itself.

4.       When do you send out the borrowers new payment coupons?

We send out payment coupons in December for the following year.

5.       What happens when one of my borrowers pays off?

The money received will wait to be batched on the 4th business day and then it will be paid out to the Investor. If Uprising Investments is authorized to sign for the release of lien we will do so.  If Uprising Investments is not authorized, then the release will be mailed to the Investor for signature and will have to be sent back to us for proper recording with the Title Company that sent it.

6.       Do you work with the banks if my lending portfolio is leveraged?

We will work with the Investor’s Banks for a small fee if needed.

7.       Can I choose my own attorney for legal issues with a borrower such as foreclosure?

Yes, you are able to choose your attorney for any issues that may arise or you may use one in our network.